Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Places I like to go in Singapore

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1)Novena Square Shopping Mall: A great mall for buying almost anything related to sports. I come here to buy sports- related items. 
2)Kent Ridge Park:I need to walk up a steep curved road to get to the park. The park's environment is great for exercising with the fresh air.
 3)East Coast Park: I come here to cycle almost every public holiday and other times. The park is clean and the view of the sea is great with fishes that can be spotted from one of the jetty's that is there.
4) The Star Vista: A mall which many restaurants and food can be found at. The structure of The Star Vista is cool and can be easily spotted from Buona Vista MRT Station.
5) JCube: I go to the ice-skating rink there with my friends sometimes and it's fun.
About me (I)
My name is Janice and I would like to be addressed by my name.
I would like to be associated as this,

I like doing sports and it is my hobby.
I enjoy playing most kinds of sports and I can't name them all.
My favourite pastimes are watching television and reading.
I'm generally shy talking to people I am not acquainted with, but I am quite talkative with those whom I can strike up a conversation with.
I tend to procrastinate a little when doing homework.